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Why I Endorse Ron Paul For President of the United States of America

Why I Endorse Ron Paul For President of the United States of America
Why I Endorse Ron Paul

It's funny how much controversy has been had over this election. I heard on the radio that during this election campaign, more people have become enemies than any other campaign.

People believe whoever they're supporting so much that they get violently angry, because they threatened by another idea.

I think this election is so vital, and so involved because America is hanging by a thread. We have reached a point in time where there can't be any fence sitters.
You must choose. You have a choice. You decide. Who do you choose?

I like the fact that whenever Ron Paul is attacked on a debate, he never gets really personal. He never attacks a person---only ideas. I think that is a very Christian way of dealing with someone who is ridiculing you.

Truth is, Gingrich, Romney, Santorum, supporters all believe they're right in supporting their candidate for various reasons.

Truth is, I believe people will vote for people whom they are most alike, in values, and character. And they'll get pretty upset---because now it's personal.
The truth is, every candidate, except for Ron Paul, is just like Obama. Truth is, we vote for who sounds the nicest, who looks the prettiest, who lies the most, and who doesn't believe in the constitution, because its convenient. We don't have to live up for much. These candidates say what we want to hear.
We as a people, are frightened to death of making our own choices. We want the government to take care of us.

It's funny, people are afraid that if Ron Paul gets to be president he'll allow drugs to be legal. " Ohhh. That's bad," they say.
The truth is, Ron Paul isn't for drugs. He IS for liberty. He IS for personal freedom. The right to choose.
What happens is, you give people knowledge---drugs are bad. Then let them govern themselves.
But what about marriage, shouldn't there be laws about that too?
No. NO! NO! Once the government gets control, there's no limit to what it can make you do. It's very dangerous!

The Government is not suppose to regulate the people. The people are suppose to regulate the government.
Any institution that infringes on personal liberty is evil. Even if it tries to get you to do good.
Good becomes evil if it is forced. That's a sure fire way to know if something is evil. Does it try to make you be good? Do you have a choice? Can you choose?

One of the most basic, inherit rights we as human beings have is the right to choose. If we loose that freedom---- we are cooked. Nothing else will matter. We will just become robots. Our choice is already made by someone else. The government. Look at history, all evil powers have tried to clamp down on the people's right to choose.

Many people laugh at Ron Paul's Foreign policy--- We need to get our troops out of Iraqi. They laugh because they think that the big bad guys are going to attack us. That we need to be the policeman of the whole world.
The truth is----the threat isn't out there. It's right here in our own country. Our freedoms are being taken away under the guise of security. That is the greatest threat we are facing.
Why can't people get that? Nothing is more toxic to our nation than the government taking control, and throwing away our constitution. Do you know now that you can be taken by the government, and imprisoned without a trial?
Do you know now that our government can hold martial law?
Do you know that the Government can do pretty much anything it dang well pleases?
Do you know that the patriot act---- (Very unconstitutional) was implemented because of 9 11?
The government wants us to be afraid as a people. If it can get us to fear the "Bad guys" it can seize control. Which is it's aim.
Do you know that the government can print it's own money, causing inflation to rise.
In a nutshell, paper money stood for silver. Paper money was never worth anything to begin with. It has nothing---no items of value to back its value, so it's worth less the more you print.

Gosh. I'm so irritated. Can you tell?
I just can't believe that nobody can see it.
We are going to be in bondage----and still say, "God Bless America" because we are happy being droids.

Did you know that more active duty troops have donated to Ron Paul's campaign than any other candidate? Why don't we listen to our own troops?

My own sister's husband chose not to reenlist, after going to Iraqi.
The troops know what's going on.

What does defend liberty mean to you?
Does it mean go out an fight a war that was undeclared?
Does it mean letting the government take more of our personal liberties?

Or does it mean defend liberty here, on our own soil, by defending our constitution.

Our freedoms are being threatened people, and what do we do? Give the government more of our liberties without even batting an eyelash.
It's crazy! It's insane! We say that America is free. But it's not. Wake up. Look around you. America is on its last leg, and if we don't get Ron Paul in, America will fall. That's it. Period. I'm not sugar coating it.
If you don't believe me, it doesn't really matter. It's the truth. And the truth is----America has forgotten her fathers, and her founders. We have forgotten our heritage, and we have forgotten what freedom is.

Defending liberty doesn't mean putting a bumper sticker on your car, saying, "We support our troops."
It isn't holding your hand over your heart when you see a flag, or wiping a tear when you hear the national anthem sung by movie stars, who could care less.

But it has everything to do with what's in your heart.
It's what you will do.
How you act.
Who you vote for. Because it does matter. A vote for the right matters. Period.
Don't vote for someone because they can win. Vote for the right person because it is the right thing to do. Period.

What does Ron Paul want to do?

He want's to end an unjust war, bring our troops home.
He values individual rights and personal liberty.
He's against taxing the people.
He believes in leaving marriage up to the states.
He believes in leaving abortion up to the states. (Read the article ten reason's to vote For Ron Paul for in depth explanation)
He doesn't want to control people.
He want's to end the fed.
He values life.
He is honest.
He is real.
He has always voted in accordance to what he says.
He believes in the constitution.

I could go on, but don't take my word for it, go digging yourself.
Ron Paul's Statement of Faith

I've complied a list of videos that I believe are the most inspiring, most awesome Ron Paul videos.
Please take a min to watch them. You won't be disappointed.

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