Sunday, February 12, 2012

Jalapeno poppers, and Lionhead rabbits

Look!! The dust bunnies found me. No, not really. Quite a while ago, my sister bought some lionhead rabbits. (Not sure if it's lionhead, or lion head?)

They are soooooo cute! So I decided to share a picture. They are sooooo fluffy! Too bad rabbits aren't very fun to hold. I raised a bunch of normal rabbits when I was a kid, and their sharp little claws gave me scars. I don't know why we kept them for so long. They aren't really all that loving. They are so cantankerous, and their claws hurt when they scratch you. But despite all that, they are cute. So that's something, I guess.

So anywho...

It's cold in my corner of the world today. Cold and chilly. The clouds are dark, like the color of this text. They look like they might dump snow and ice onto the world. Burr.

Hence, the yellow aloha. (Wishful thinking) I wish I was on a beach somewhere very warm, sipping coconut milk under a palm tree. I'd have my very own bungalow---my very own lovely space. I'd fall asleep at night, listening to the sounds of the beach lap onto the shore.

Ah, such bliss. Someday. Please come soon.

For now, I'll suffice with the smell of food cooking, soft music in the background, and the quiet contentedness of a quiet evening with a storm lurking overhead.

Ah. Yum. I just put jalapeno poppers into the oven, and am waiting for them to cook. The smell is wafting into the computer room, and making me feel pretty lucky.

To make jalapeno poppers, you cut about 12 jalapenos in half, and clean out the seeds. I did this with plastic gloves----so as not to burn my skin. Then you fill the peppers with a paste of chopped purple onions, garlic, bacon, (Mushrooms if you have some) and pack of cream cheese. Then you let them cook for like 45 min. Oh, they are sooooo yummy. Too bad I can't send you a virtual sample. Oh, and the reason why they're called jalapeno poppers is that when you're cooking them, if you open the oven, you can hear them popping away.

So the ebook giveaway went pretty a okay. In two days, I gave away 760 free e-copies of my book. Not bad.

And the winner of that awesome pearl necklace is, drum roll...............NOBODY! Can you believe it? Not a single solitary person out of those 760 peps who downloaded my book bothered to enter the contest. How lame-O is that? Hmm... Awe, well. Too bad for you. Just think, had YOU entered the contest, might have been the lucky winner, especially considering the odds. Now I'm wondering what I'm going to do with the beautiful necklace. Maybe I'll host another contest. Or maybe I'll just keep it for myself. That's not a bad idea.

Also, an interesting development. I got my first 1 star review. That's what I get for giving my book away for free. Gosh. Apparently this person just read the first chapter---actually their son did, and they didn't like the fact that I started the book out with a talking plant. Too bad for them. According to my brother, this happy individual appears to make it his business to torment authors with nasty reviews. Not to sound too sour, I respect the fact that everyone has a right to an opinion. But wow. If you're going give a strong opinion, find a way to be nice about it. And read the entire book. Sorry. Just saying....

So. I'm off my rant. I just needed to get that out of my system. Not that you would ever be rude. You are a very respectful, wonderful, kind, person.

It's Them. The Gremlins. It's their job to hunt down people who are trying, and smack them into the mud, slap! It's them you need to watch out for. We should band together so that when the gremlins come to attack, their puny darts of rudeness don't hit their mark.
Seriously, writers have to have tough skins. I wonder if I'll reach a day when mean words will have zero power to put me out of sorts.
It takes a strong person not to get the tiniest bit irritated at snide remarks---a person I hope I can be someday. But for now, I think I'll keep on doing the best I know how.
I'll keep on writing, because I love writing.
I'll keep on painting, because I love painting.
I'll keep on being Stephanie, because I can't be anybody else.
I'll keep on dreaming.
And that's really all anybody can do.
And so should you.
But that's up to you.

Well, it's been nice chatting with you. I'll drop by again sometime soon, and maybe ramble about the Christmas tree that's still up in my living room---(an experiment to see if it will still stay green until Valentine's day)

Well, I'm off to go eat me some some jalapeno poppers.

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