Thursday, February 23, 2012

Why I Endorse Ron Paul For President of the United States of America

Why I Endorse Ron Paul For President of the United States of America
Why I Endorse Ron Paul

It's funny how much controversy has been had over this election. I heard on the radio that during this election campaign, more people have become enemies than any other campaign.

People believe whoever they're supporting so much that they get violently angry, because they threatened by another idea.

I think this election is so vital, and so involved because America is hanging by a thread. We have reached a point in time where there can't be any fence sitters.
You must choose. You have a choice. You decide. Who do you choose?

I like the fact that whenever Ron Paul is attacked on a debate, he never gets really personal. He never attacks a person---only ideas. I think that is a very Christian way of dealing with someone who is ridiculing you.

Truth is, Gingrich, Romney, Santorum, supporters all believe they're right in supporting their candidate for various reasons.

Truth is, I believe people will vote for people whom they are most alike, in values, and character. And they'll get pretty upset---because now it's personal.
The truth is, every candidate, except for Ron Paul, is just like Obama. Truth is, we vote for who sounds the nicest, who looks the prettiest, who lies the most, and who doesn't believe in the constitution, because its convenient. We don't have to live up for much. These candidates say what we want to hear.
We as a people, are frightened to death of making our own choices. We want the government to take care of us.

It's funny, people are afraid that if Ron Paul gets to be president he'll allow drugs to be legal. " Ohhh. That's bad," they say.
The truth is, Ron Paul isn't for drugs. He IS for liberty. He IS for personal freedom. The right to choose.
What happens is, you give people knowledge---drugs are bad. Then let them govern themselves.
But what about marriage, shouldn't there be laws about that too?
No. NO! NO! Once the government gets control, there's no limit to what it can make you do. It's very dangerous!

The Government is not suppose to regulate the people. The people are suppose to regulate the government.
Any institution that infringes on personal liberty is evil. Even if it tries to get you to do good.
Good becomes evil if it is forced. That's a sure fire way to know if something is evil. Does it try to make you be good? Do you have a choice? Can you choose?

One of the most basic, inherit rights we as human beings have is the right to choose. If we loose that freedom---- we are cooked. Nothing else will matter. We will just become robots. Our choice is already made by someone else. The government. Look at history, all evil powers have tried to clamp down on the people's right to choose.

Many people laugh at Ron Paul's Foreign policy--- We need to get our troops out of Iraqi. They laugh because they think that the big bad guys are going to attack us. That we need to be the policeman of the whole world.
The truth is----the threat isn't out there. It's right here in our own country. Our freedoms are being taken away under the guise of security. That is the greatest threat we are facing.
Why can't people get that? Nothing is more toxic to our nation than the government taking control, and throwing away our constitution. Do you know now that you can be taken by the government, and imprisoned without a trial?
Do you know now that our government can hold martial law?
Do you know that the Government can do pretty much anything it dang well pleases?
Do you know that the patriot act---- (Very unconstitutional) was implemented because of 9 11?
The government wants us to be afraid as a people. If it can get us to fear the "Bad guys" it can seize control. Which is it's aim.
Do you know that the government can print it's own money, causing inflation to rise.
In a nutshell, paper money stood for silver. Paper money was never worth anything to begin with. It has nothing---no items of value to back its value, so it's worth less the more you print.

Gosh. I'm so irritated. Can you tell?
I just can't believe that nobody can see it.
We are going to be in bondage----and still say, "God Bless America" because we are happy being droids.

Did you know that more active duty troops have donated to Ron Paul's campaign than any other candidate? Why don't we listen to our own troops?

My own sister's husband chose not to reenlist, after going to Iraqi.
The troops know what's going on.

What does defend liberty mean to you?
Does it mean go out an fight a war that was undeclared?
Does it mean letting the government take more of our personal liberties?

Or does it mean defend liberty here, on our own soil, by defending our constitution.

Our freedoms are being threatened people, and what do we do? Give the government more of our liberties without even batting an eyelash.
It's crazy! It's insane! We say that America is free. But it's not. Wake up. Look around you. America is on its last leg, and if we don't get Ron Paul in, America will fall. That's it. Period. I'm not sugar coating it.
If you don't believe me, it doesn't really matter. It's the truth. And the truth is----America has forgotten her fathers, and her founders. We have forgotten our heritage, and we have forgotten what freedom is.

Defending liberty doesn't mean putting a bumper sticker on your car, saying, "We support our troops."
It isn't holding your hand over your heart when you see a flag, or wiping a tear when you hear the national anthem sung by movie stars, who could care less.

But it has everything to do with what's in your heart.
It's what you will do.
How you act.
Who you vote for. Because it does matter. A vote for the right matters. Period.
Don't vote for someone because they can win. Vote for the right person because it is the right thing to do. Period.

What does Ron Paul want to do?

He want's to end an unjust war, bring our troops home.
He values individual rights and personal liberty.
He's against taxing the people.
He believes in leaving marriage up to the states.
He believes in leaving abortion up to the states. (Read the article ten reason's to vote For Ron Paul for in depth explanation)
He doesn't want to control people.
He want's to end the fed.
He values life.
He is honest.
He is real.
He has always voted in accordance to what he says.
He believes in the constitution.

I could go on, but don't take my word for it, go digging yourself.
Ron Paul's Statement of Faith

I've complied a list of videos that I believe are the most inspiring, most awesome Ron Paul videos.
Please take a min to watch them. You won't be disappointed.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Super bug Flu Virus strikes!

Dear peoples who read this blog,

check out this pick. Isn't it pretty? I took it last year on the way to my Aunt's funeral. It's so pretty by the mountains.

sneeze, cough, cough,
drip, drip, dripity nose. Sniff.

I've been super sick since last Wednesday, with the worstest, meanest, no funest bug ever. I think it would be a good idea if you remember to disinfect your computer screen after you're done reading this.
It is a nasty virus. So, take precautions.

I know, I was sick not long ago. But this bug is horrrrid, and in a class all it's own.

I didn't even know I was getting sick. I just had a dry, scratchy throat Wednesday morning, and then towards evening, I and my sister both got a fever, and felt awful.

My mom came down with it a day earlier, so I figure that's where we got the bug from. I think she got it at church. Thus the wonderful circle of life ---or sickness continues.

Shall I describe my fever? Horrible. Everywhere aching. I thought my head was about to explode. I wanted to cry and have someone shoot me it was so bad. I had chills and fever so bad that I would wake up drenched in sweat. It's no fun having to find clothes when you're so weak and dizzy that simply getting out of bed is an ordeal.

Oh, and did I mention a horrible cough. Yes. That came too. A lovely cough that shakes the core of your being, and makes your aching head want to explode even more.

And another cheery symptom---throwing up. My mom threw up so many times I was worried that she would get dehydrated. My sis also threw up, and as for myself, I coughed so hard I about did. But I made myself hold it in.

Awe. Poor us. Poor me. Poor world. I have no clue where this bug came from. I had been taking my herbal pills, and drinking my healthy green barley juice, before I got sick.

But for some reason this bug is no respecter of people who are trying to be healthy. It quickly remedies any healthy thing you were doing before you were sick, by making you so sick that you can't take anything.

Ugg. Oh did I mention that being sick is boring. Once the fever is finally gone, which it took forever to leave. You start sort of living again. But not really. You're not really strong enough to do anything, except breath in and out, and cough and make it to the bathroom. So what do you do when you're sick?

I counted the rings holding the curtains. I found the shapes in the plaster on the ceiling, I listened to the ticking of the clock, and watched the traffic pass. I talked to myself. I drank liquid.

I listened to the phone ring. No way was I going to answer it. I sounded (and still sound like a croaking frog)

Drippy nose, drippy sweat, droopy eyes, sore throat, chills, aches, ouch, coughs. All such fun. Not.

You know, I never really miss having a normal TV until I am sick. It would be fun to flip through the channels and watch the commercials. I haven't watched a commercial in several years, minus whatever I see on youtube.

Yes. Flipping through the TV channels would be a very interesting pass time, much more interesting than looking for shapes in the tile on the floor, or watching movie reruns over, and over.

Don't get me wrong. I love movies. Just not watching the same ones. It get's kind of dull.
Reading would be nice, except when you're eyes hurt, you don't really want to read.

Doesn't being ill just make you appreciate all the little things you do with no effort everyday?
Yes. I think so.

We are all very slowly getting better. I'm very glad. If I could get this dratted cough to leave, and get my same energy level back, I'd be in businesses. I'm proud. Today I was able to work on some of my illustrations. But wow. Drawing is a lot of work, and I still get really tired easy. So frustrating.

I'm wondering where in the heckdoe did this bug come from? I'm seriously considering the chem trails. The jets spray above our house almost everyday. I did some digging, and found out what kind of terrible stuff they put out into the air. It's not cool. Lots of bad for you stuff, like particles of heavy metals, etc. Call me paranoid. But at least its nice to have something to blame it on. Right?

Oh, something I have learned from being so sick, besides patience, long suffering, and enduring to the end is-----never--------NEVER----------never--------- ever ever ever everrrrrrrrrrrr drink two glass fulls of cranberry juice on an empty stomach---where you haven't really eaten much in over a couple days. Just don't do it.

You will be sorry.
So very, very sorry.

I was.

You want to know what happens. Think, eat cayenne pepper. Ouch.
But ten times worse than cayenne pepper.

Think stomach cramps that hurt like you've swallowed hot coals.
Think fire, acid, ouch.
Think stuck on toilet for rest of day.
Think you want to die.
Think pray for release of terrible pain.
Think whole body is tied up into a knot.

You will not be happy if you do this. So word of warning.
Just don't do it. And you will add hours of added peace to your life.

I really thought I was going to die. The only thing that helped was some anti diarrhea stuff. I also ate a spoonful of clay stuff.

But man, it took me almost a day and a half to be able to eat again. My insides were so sore, that I didn't really eat much for a long time. That was most miserable.

Aren't you happy I warned you. You should really pay me for telling you that piece of advice. It could save your life someday. Seriously.

Well, I hope you are all well. If not, I greatly sympathize. Get better soon.
There isn't really anything you can do to prepare for being miserable, except make sure your comforts are close at hand. Had I known that we would all be inflicted with such a nasty bug, and imprisoned in the house for so many days, I would have rented a pile of movies, bought myself some mangoes, and cough medicine.

Take care,
Tank up on your vitamin C, D, and omega 3 oils.
And laugh, that is the best medicine, after all---except when you have to cough---then it really hurts.

I can't wait until I feel like Stephanie again. I don't know who I feel like. But not me. I feel more like a being that's been to the moon and back, and is in shock---kind of dazed, and blah.
As it is, I feel more like I've been taken captive to the Twilight zone of boring, where I do the same thing everyday, and can't leave. It's scary, and very dull.

Hope things are very undull for you,
and full of interesting adventures.
We are greatly in need of adventures on my island today. If you have any extra, please send them my way.

from the boring zone

Monday, February 13, 2012

The Valentine's Day Christmas Tree

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! And Merry Christmas!

(Note I this post was intended for Valentine's day---the day I wrote it) I have been sick for several days so note that it's written in the present---which is now the past.

I accomplished what I set out to do. Which was keep our Christmas tree alive and well, and in our house, until today---- Valentine's day. The Valentine's Day Christmas tree

After Christmas the tree was so green and healthy looking, I knew it had to stay longer, Christmas or not.

My mom wasn't too happy about the idea at first, and my brother was even less thrilled.

But I stood by it faithfully. I told them why it's healthy having a tree in the house, how it makes the air cleaner, and how pretty it looked.

My mom undecorated it, and threatened to take the Christmas lights off, and throw it out, and she almost did. But I convinced her not to. So she agreed to let it stay.

She even made paper snowflakes to redecorate the tree. But the snowflakes didn't stay on quite well. So they came off. All that was left on the tree for weeks were the lights, and the pine-cones I decorated it with.

My family, especially my brother was worried what the neighbors would think. I mean, who has their Christmas tree still up months after Christmas? Only special people. But seriously, I didn't care what other people thought. And who says you can only keep your Christmas tree up at Christmas. What about keeping Christmas all year round?

Anyway, those who came to our house always said how pretty it was and how nice it looked. Our nieces and nephews thought it great fun. I did too. The tree made the room look so nice and warm.

For Valentine's day we decorated it with roses. And I think it looks quite nice. I'm proud that it has stayed in our house for so long. It marks a new epoch in my life.One in which magic can happen all year round. *Smile*

As for the tree's fate after today. I'm not sure what will happen. But whatever it's fate, I'm glad that it kept us company for so long. I'm glad that we decided to keep it longer than normal.
I'm glad that we decided not to let society dictate when we must take our Christmas tree down.

Yes. Why should society tell us to do anything just because a calendar says so. The holidays were made to make life more joyful for us. We were not made for them.

As for myself, I don't think there are enough holidays in the year. So I'll make a good many more of my own, and name them myself.

I think there should be a great deal more, "Valentine's days, and Christmases, and days to celebrate the joy living."

Like the day I published my first book, or the day I finally decided to jump off the high dive at the swimming pool, or the day my sister, my mom, and I hiked up to the top of the mountain, and looked over the valley, and made rock monument to signify the starting of a new life, with a note buried under one of the rocks, and pennies sprinkled over it.

It was silly really. But that's what holidays are. Silly. But worth remembering.

There should be more days in which we show that we care about one another.
There should be more special nothings we give to each other, even on ordinary days, because that's when they mean the most, when you're not expecting it.

There should be more secret acts of kindness! There should be holidays where we spend the whole day outside. Days where we do nothing but think, and dance, and enjoy being alive.

Ah...well. I guess I'll stop my should-ing. I do that quite often. I am sorry.

So what did I do today (Valentine's day)---besides gloat over my victory at keeping our Christmas tree in the house this long. Well, to be honest, I probably did what most single people do on this day of red roses, and romance.

I made frosting for a bunch of sugar cookies I made earlier this week. Then I watched a very long chick flick. It was called, Wives and Daughters. Or something like that. It had a really odd title.."
I was surprised to find the movie very "engaging." Ha. I like my pun.
For those of you you like the six movie series, "Pride and Prejudge," this movie is for you. It's very well acted, and I enjoyed it very much. Although I thought the end was to easily solved.

Movies, and days like these set me to wondering where my Valentine is.
In the movies, the boys always fall in love with the flirts, and the girls who have brains get left in the background. How discouraging. I should like to think that my, "One" likes a girl with a mind, and a will of her own. Someone who can be clever, and have an opinion---someone who's not just waiting around for her, "Prince."

But it seems that more guys are on the lookout for "Fluff."
They like fluff. It's fun, pretty, and ticklish. They can hold it in their hand. And it's easily molded.

I'm not, "Fluff."

I'm more like a forest, or a meadow or the ocean. You have to be still, and listen before you really "see."

Awe, well.

I'm getting sleepy. I'll stop analyzing myself.

It's tough business.
You should try it sometime. You may be surprised at what you find.

Talk to you soon.


Sunday, February 12, 2012

Jalapeno poppers, and Lionhead rabbits

Look!! The dust bunnies found me. No, not really. Quite a while ago, my sister bought some lionhead rabbits. (Not sure if it's lionhead, or lion head?)

They are soooooo cute! So I decided to share a picture. They are sooooo fluffy! Too bad rabbits aren't very fun to hold. I raised a bunch of normal rabbits when I was a kid, and their sharp little claws gave me scars. I don't know why we kept them for so long. They aren't really all that loving. They are so cantankerous, and their claws hurt when they scratch you. But despite all that, they are cute. So that's something, I guess.

So anywho...

It's cold in my corner of the world today. Cold and chilly. The clouds are dark, like the color of this text. They look like they might dump snow and ice onto the world. Burr.

Hence, the yellow aloha. (Wishful thinking) I wish I was on a beach somewhere very warm, sipping coconut milk under a palm tree. I'd have my very own bungalow---my very own lovely space. I'd fall asleep at night, listening to the sounds of the beach lap onto the shore.

Ah, such bliss. Someday. Please come soon.

For now, I'll suffice with the smell of food cooking, soft music in the background, and the quiet contentedness of a quiet evening with a storm lurking overhead.

Ah. Yum. I just put jalapeno poppers into the oven, and am waiting for them to cook. The smell is wafting into the computer room, and making me feel pretty lucky.

To make jalapeno poppers, you cut about 12 jalapenos in half, and clean out the seeds. I did this with plastic gloves----so as not to burn my skin. Then you fill the peppers with a paste of chopped purple onions, garlic, bacon, (Mushrooms if you have some) and pack of cream cheese. Then you let them cook for like 45 min. Oh, they are sooooo yummy. Too bad I can't send you a virtual sample. Oh, and the reason why they're called jalapeno poppers is that when you're cooking them, if you open the oven, you can hear them popping away.

So the ebook giveaway went pretty a okay. In two days, I gave away 760 free e-copies of my book. Not bad.

And the winner of that awesome pearl necklace is, drum roll...............NOBODY! Can you believe it? Not a single solitary person out of those 760 peps who downloaded my book bothered to enter the contest. How lame-O is that? Hmm... Awe, well. Too bad for you. Just think, had YOU entered the contest, might have been the lucky winner, especially considering the odds. Now I'm wondering what I'm going to do with the beautiful necklace. Maybe I'll host another contest. Or maybe I'll just keep it for myself. That's not a bad idea.

Also, an interesting development. I got my first 1 star review. That's what I get for giving my book away for free. Gosh. Apparently this person just read the first chapter---actually their son did, and they didn't like the fact that I started the book out with a talking plant. Too bad for them. According to my brother, this happy individual appears to make it his business to torment authors with nasty reviews. Not to sound too sour, I respect the fact that everyone has a right to an opinion. But wow. If you're going give a strong opinion, find a way to be nice about it. And read the entire book. Sorry. Just saying....

So. I'm off my rant. I just needed to get that out of my system. Not that you would ever be rude. You are a very respectful, wonderful, kind, person.

It's Them. The Gremlins. It's their job to hunt down people who are trying, and smack them into the mud, slap! It's them you need to watch out for. We should band together so that when the gremlins come to attack, their puny darts of rudeness don't hit their mark.
Seriously, writers have to have tough skins. I wonder if I'll reach a day when mean words will have zero power to put me out of sorts.
It takes a strong person not to get the tiniest bit irritated at snide remarks---a person I hope I can be someday. But for now, I think I'll keep on doing the best I know how.
I'll keep on writing, because I love writing.
I'll keep on painting, because I love painting.
I'll keep on being Stephanie, because I can't be anybody else.
I'll keep on dreaming.
And that's really all anybody can do.
And so should you.
But that's up to you.

Well, it's been nice chatting with you. I'll drop by again sometime soon, and maybe ramble about the Christmas tree that's still up in my living room---(an experiment to see if it will still stay green until Valentine's day)

Well, I'm off to go eat me some some jalapeno poppers.

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