Saturday, April 21, 2012

Follow Your Passion!

Hi everybody! I know I said I was going to give you all a little synopsis into my life the next time I posted, but you'll have to wait a little bit longer. Until then, I came across this video and thought it was very inspiring. It states many of  my thoughts on following your passion. 

If I don't accomplish anything else in these posts, but give you a little hint of hope that living your passion is possible, then I feel that this blog has been a success. I want people to look at me and my life and say, "She did it, so maybe, just maybe I can do it too."

By living your dreams you give permission for others to do the same. You give your children hope. And that is all we really need to have when we start out on something new. Hope. Your hope will turn into action, and action into passion, and passion into enthusiasm. I read in the book, The artist way,  that enthusiasm stems from the Greek word, To be filled with God. 

To be filled with God is a wonderful thing---I think. He is the master creator, and he is the one who wants us to use the creative gifts he has given us. 

 I want to be filled with enthusiasm and passion. I want to be in love with what I spend my time doing. I want to have joy in the now.

You have my permission to do the same. 

In the words of Ray Bradbury, "you've been put in the world to love the act of being alive." 

Until next time,

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Hair-larious helicopter hair in a windstorm!

Greetings from the windy city of salt, grit, and grassy fields.
But mostly it's wind, wind, wind and more wind. Okay, we've had day or two of not so much wind, and some days with zero wind. But where I come from, wind is what we get most of the time, which is kind not so fun. But a while ago, about Easter time, we had great fun with the wind. I took a video of  my sisters hair, in the updraft just above our door. It was so funny! I had to put the video on youtube to share a couple laughs.

Also my mom made nice wind kites out of plastic cups, and  bags(Yes cups) they catch the wind quite nicely when you attach strings to them, and the kids really enjoy flying them.The only drawback is that the kids usually let go of them and we had an abundance of plastic bags trapped in our trees, and plastic cups on our roof. Happy days of cleaning up. Seriously.

Well, this ittle bitty post is all I have time for, as I am trying to squeeze in writing time for my book. I'll post some more soon. I have so much to write about. I have no idea why I wait to squeeze it all into one huge post. But you know me. I'm random, and like it that way for the most part. :)

Hope all is well in your life. I've missed chatting with you.

Talk to you soonest and sooner


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