Thursday, February 14, 2013

Just a random post about random things...

Hiya, I'm just doing a little post to say hi, and tell ya howdy.
I did some hooping the other day and decided to post highlights of the day.  

Also, I just wanted to let ya all know that I'm doing a giveaway for my book, "Rise of the Fallen," on the fifteen and sixteenth of this month---This Friday and Sat. The kindle will be free via this link: Rise of the Fallen

Also my book, Flotsam will be free on  the 22 and 23d of this month via this link: Flotsam


In other news, I've been working hard on book three and four. Why work on two books at the same time? Sometimes I wonder the same question. Actually, I think it's smart so I don't confuse myself with what's going on. It does happen, at least to me. If I change one thing in book three, then my whole rough draft of book for looks rather odd. Especially  if someone dies, and then....wham! There goes that person in every chapter.
It's crazy. At times I feel like I write myself into a big mess. I hope other writers do the same. Otherwise I'd feel like I was the only one who tangled myself up in my own words. 

You'd think that 26 letters of the alphabet wouldn't be so hard to handle. But roping, taming, arranging, herding, and handling those words are a lot harder than it looks. They like to get mixed up, and tanlged up, and they sometimes don't behave like they should. Sometimes they have minds of their own, and they just want to do their own thing. 
Phew....and you didn't think writing was tough? 
Well---It is. 

Hum ho who....I think I better get back to writing---"not that I'm not writing right now." But you know what I mean. 

Happy Valentine's day!
I celebrated today by skating, and yesterday I made a million Valentines to take to the elderly for a program we are going to be doing in a few days, for an after Valentine's day music program thing.

Hope you have a fantastic day with your special someone. As of yet, my someone is a fictitious character.
Sometimes fictitious characters are better than real ones.

Friday, February 8, 2013

What if money was no object?


I as just came across this video and thought it was something I should share on here. It is one of the best videos I've seen on the subject of following your dreams. 

I've watched it before, but I watched at again just to remind myself of why I do what I do. 

It poses  the question "What would you do with your life if money was no object?" 

It's a chilling question? 
What would you do?
What would you change? 
What type of person would you be?

Why go after your dreams, why follow your passion, why do whatever it is that gives you pleasure and joy? 

Why? Because! It is your life! You only live it once!
If you live it as a servant to money, or as a servant to a job you don't like, or to ideas projected on you from another person,  you will always feel like something is missing. You will always feel unhappy, and unfulfilled, and a victim of circumstance.    

You may feel that if you do go after your passion, if you do what it is that gives you joy, it won't make a difference.  
Well, I'm here to say that it does. 
It makes a difference. Even if it makes a difference to one person, (You) then it wasn't for nothing. 

Your happiness is important. 

I'll say it again. Your happiness is important!

And it tends to reason that if you are happy, then it will create a ripple effect and those around you will be happier, as well.  

They may be little stinkers at first, seeing you happy, and fulfilled. They even may try to rain on your parade, and say that what you are doing is pointless

But don't buy into it. 
They're just jealous that you are happy. That is all. 
So keep on doing whatever it is that gives you joy. 
What you are doing may take a long time to create, learn, do. It may be slow. You may not see all the results of your endeavors for a long time. Some people may not even see the effects of their lives, their creativity, their work, until long after they created it. Some die without ever seeing it. 

But that isn't the point. 
The point is that they were true to themselves. 
The point is they followed their passion. 
They lived their dream. 


Friday, February 1, 2013

Hooping on ice

This is my second day hooping on ice. :) The ice was a bit choppy from me skating so long on it. But it was a lot of fun. The epic fall at the end is really something. :)
If the ice lasts longer I think I'll be able to get up some more speed. 
Hopefully I'll get more videos up if the ice holds out. :)
This rink is one we built. :)

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