Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Wrenchaphone, hank drum, and other fun stuff.

Hi, hello, greetings, aloha, howdy, and so forth.

I couldn't figure out which one to say, so I said them all. Beginnings always are the hardest to write. Especially when I know that I've probably started out all my blog posts with hi, or hiya. 

Hi sounds so droll. So drab. But what else can you say? Actually, I'm sure there's a lot I could say.
But never mind, that's not important.

I hope you are doing well, and that spring has reached your corner of the world.
Here, one day it's spring, the next it's winter. Yesterday I bought a sweater. Usually I would think twice before buying a sweater in March. But the way it's been going, the cold keeps on coming. So I decided to be prepared. Perhaps mother nature will now play a joke on me and it'll be warm from here on out.

Who knows. But I'm okay with that.
I'll put my sweater in the closet, and rejoice that I don't have to use it.
It amazes me how often I think about writing in here, how many things I want to share, yet something else always gets in the way.

Oh boy. Now that I'm sitting down, I'm very tired, and I think I want to go to bed.

Wow, how's that for a blog post? I really truly impress myself. My thoughts are all meshed together, like a pot of stew that's been boiling for far too long.

Suffice it to say, I will write more. Always. Ha.

So before going to bed, I decided to share a music video I made of my sister, my mom and myself. It's not a music music video. Just a short video demonstrating the different music we love to do. It features the wrenchaphone, hank drum, and other fun stuff. My sister made made a lot of these musical instruments, including restoring a hundred year old violin that was ready for the trash. Now listen to how it sounds. :) 

Night ya all. I'm so ready for bed.  
For some reason the video link won't behave, so you'll have to just click on the link, and It'll take you to the video. 

click here to watch the video on youtube

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Ahhhhchoo, dentists, and the flu

Ahhhhchoooo. Sniffs. Rubs red watery eyes. Groans.

I was feeling pretty spiffy over the past months. I haven't been really sick once. Only a headache here and there. I was feeling kind of blessed that the terrible horrible flu had passed over me, especially when so many people seem to be getting the really bad bug.

Also, I thought myself already initiated, considering last year, and the super bug flu that had me in it's clutches for many moons.

However, sometimes I swear I jinx myself, cuz I have caught the flu, or in actuality, it has caught me. I was  pretty good at dogging it. Last week, my sister had a nasty cold, so I tanked up on vitamins, and did all things health to keep myself unspotted from germs.

Yet it was not to be.

The germ outmaneuvered me, once again. Caught me when I was tired, worn out, and really just plum exhausted in more ways than one.  At least I can console myself that it's only the flu, and not the flu, flu everybody has been complaining about.

It's kind of lame that I do blog post every time I have a cold. But silly as this sounds, misery loves company. And since I don't have anything to do at the moment, besides feel miserable. I thought I'd just talk to you. And hopefully, while we chat,  you will not catch the bug either. I presume that my words are not contagifiying. If my words happened to be covered in germs, I apologize, I may sneeze on the computer screen. And perhaps, through a small chink in the cyber-space wall, where all things connect, you may happen to be exposed. (Let's hope not)

So where was I? Oh yes. I was going to tell you about my horrible week that finally ended with me getting the flu. Well, it's not that it was so terrible, just that strange things kept happening to really rub my nerves, and make me feel a little like, "Okay, um...God. I know you're in control. But...I really didn't need this."
I guess he thought I did. Or the gremlins got unleashed by accident....I'm not sure which. 

I care not to bog you down with all my "life," because that's what it is. Life.  Up, and downs, and some really weird things thrown in between. One of the things to really tip me off the edge was, my baby goat got a broken leg, by a bizarre happening. We tried to set its leg, and now all we have to do is wait.  I cried myself in to a fit. I usually always get sick after I've had a good cry. It's kind of weird. But so is life.
 A few more things happened this week which I care not to explain---only that the past week, has been a dud. A regular ole' humdinger of a really not so good week.

I'm sure sunshine is around the corner. It always is. But I'm still a little miffed.

 Sorry. I'm complaining a lot. But you are such a nice listening ear, I can't seem to help myself. 

Oh, the weird thing is, I didn't get sick until after my journey to the dentist. Twas an unpleasant sort of trip. I don't care how nice dentists are, they still scare me. There's something horrifying about not being able to breath while they're drilling on you, and then the shots, and the horrible gritty feeling of the new filling.

Don't get me wrong. Dentists are awesome people. They are nice, and very brave to work in so many mouths. The very thought of doing such a thing for a living thought scares me. They must have a special amount of courage, and faith in humanity, to do what they do.

Yet, I just feel very small, and little sitting in a dentist chair, a bright light overhead, a single picture to stare at. I clasp my cold hands together, trying not to feel awkward, as the dentist, and his nurse peer into my mouth,  trying to see every flaw, and every cranny of my mouth. It feels very invasive. Like someone is staring into my soul, seeing every chocolate I've popped into my mouth, every piece of gum, every chip, every can of soda.

To visit the dentists is a great day of reckoning. You can't hide the truth from the him.
No. He take a picture of your mouth, and can see beneath your teeth, deep into your jaw. 
You haven't flossed, have you? Oh, there's a dark spot there. Ummm....looks like you've got some work over there, so the conversations go.

The lucky few, who have eaten well, brushed well, or have good genetic make up, come out unscathed, and filled with a renewed feeling that life isn't so bad. They don't have to go through the pain of being drilled on, and they are richer for it.

Yet, this time, I wasn't the favored few. But considering I've avoided the dentists for several years, I did pretty good for myself. I had three cavities. One was under a filling, so that one doesn't count.
Somehow, when the dentist told me that I had cavities, I felt embarrassed as if I did it on purpose.
Nobody wants such things. They just happen, sometimes even when you eat healthy, and take care of your teeth.

Yep. Cavities happen.
That is my new slogan. And they do.

This time when I got worked on, they gave me two shots that  numbed me up pretty good. But I could still feel a little zing of pain when I was being drilled on. They were so intent on drilling that I couldn't muster up the courage to tell them that I was in pain. And even if I did, I don't think they could have seen my arm. It made me really tense, and I felt like panicking. When I  finally got a moment to tell them about the problem, it was pointless, because they had already finished drilling.  They felt bad and  promised that for my next visit, I would be number.

Hmmm. I wonder about that. I must have paranoid the dentist, because after he worked on me, my sister went in, and they numbed her so good she couldn't feel her nose. She was numb for almost five hours.

Sorry sis.

The whole thing must have tipped my stress level overboard because about three hours later, I was hit with a runny nose, sneezing, and all the accessories that accompany a cold.
Such fun.

No. Miserable.
The only thing that has seemed to relieve my poor sinuses is some stuff called Zicam. If you have such a cold, I suggest you use it as well.

Well. Now that I've got you thinking about your own teeth, and your standing between yourself and the dentist.  I think I'm going to go blow my nose.

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Stay well, and thanks for being a good ear. I hope you have a good week. And I hope I do too.
 I know I'm writing in disjointed thoughts. Not explaining anything. That's what happens when your air gets cut off by mucus.

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