Monday, February 13, 2012

The Valentine's Day Christmas Tree

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! And Merry Christmas!

(Note I this post was intended for Valentine's day---the day I wrote it) I have been sick for several days so note that it's written in the present---which is now the past.

I accomplished what I set out to do. Which was keep our Christmas tree alive and well, and in our house, until today---- Valentine's day. The Valentine's Day Christmas tree

After Christmas the tree was so green and healthy looking, I knew it had to stay longer, Christmas or not.

My mom wasn't too happy about the idea at first, and my brother was even less thrilled.

But I stood by it faithfully. I told them why it's healthy having a tree in the house, how it makes the air cleaner, and how pretty it looked.

My mom undecorated it, and threatened to take the Christmas lights off, and throw it out, and she almost did. But I convinced her not to. So she agreed to let it stay.

She even made paper snowflakes to redecorate the tree. But the snowflakes didn't stay on quite well. So they came off. All that was left on the tree for weeks were the lights, and the pine-cones I decorated it with.

My family, especially my brother was worried what the neighbors would think. I mean, who has their Christmas tree still up months after Christmas? Only special people. But seriously, I didn't care what other people thought. And who says you can only keep your Christmas tree up at Christmas. What about keeping Christmas all year round?

Anyway, those who came to our house always said how pretty it was and how nice it looked. Our nieces and nephews thought it great fun. I did too. The tree made the room look so nice and warm.

For Valentine's day we decorated it with roses. And I think it looks quite nice. I'm proud that it has stayed in our house for so long. It marks a new epoch in my life.One in which magic can happen all year round. *Smile*

As for the tree's fate after today. I'm not sure what will happen. But whatever it's fate, I'm glad that it kept us company for so long. I'm glad that we decided to keep it longer than normal.
I'm glad that we decided not to let society dictate when we must take our Christmas tree down.

Yes. Why should society tell us to do anything just because a calendar says so. The holidays were made to make life more joyful for us. We were not made for them.

As for myself, I don't think there are enough holidays in the year. So I'll make a good many more of my own, and name them myself.

I think there should be a great deal more, "Valentine's days, and Christmases, and days to celebrate the joy living."

Like the day I published my first book, or the day I finally decided to jump off the high dive at the swimming pool, or the day my sister, my mom, and I hiked up to the top of the mountain, and looked over the valley, and made rock monument to signify the starting of a new life, with a note buried under one of the rocks, and pennies sprinkled over it.

It was silly really. But that's what holidays are. Silly. But worth remembering.

There should be more days in which we show that we care about one another.
There should be more special nothings we give to each other, even on ordinary days, because that's when they mean the most, when you're not expecting it.

There should be more secret acts of kindness! There should be holidays where we spend the whole day outside. Days where we do nothing but think, and dance, and enjoy being alive.

Ah...well. I guess I'll stop my should-ing. I do that quite often. I am sorry.

So what did I do today (Valentine's day)---besides gloat over my victory at keeping our Christmas tree in the house this long. Well, to be honest, I probably did what most single people do on this day of red roses, and romance.

I made frosting for a bunch of sugar cookies I made earlier this week. Then I watched a very long chick flick. It was called, Wives and Daughters. Or something like that. It had a really odd title.."
I was surprised to find the movie very "engaging." Ha. I like my pun.
For those of you you like the six movie series, "Pride and Prejudge," this movie is for you. It's very well acted, and I enjoyed it very much. Although I thought the end was to easily solved.

Movies, and days like these set me to wondering where my Valentine is.
In the movies, the boys always fall in love with the flirts, and the girls who have brains get left in the background. How discouraging. I should like to think that my, "One" likes a girl with a mind, and a will of her own. Someone who can be clever, and have an opinion---someone who's not just waiting around for her, "Prince."

But it seems that more guys are on the lookout for "Fluff."
They like fluff. It's fun, pretty, and ticklish. They can hold it in their hand. And it's easily molded.

I'm not, "Fluff."

I'm more like a forest, or a meadow or the ocean. You have to be still, and listen before you really "see."

Awe, well.

I'm getting sleepy. I'll stop analyzing myself.

It's tough business.
You should try it sometime. You may be surprised at what you find.

Talk to you soon.


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