Sunday, March 11, 2012

Wake up America!

So I've noticed a hot topic in America today is aid to Israel, our being in Iraqi and other counties. So, in response, I post this, and let you form your own opinion.

My heart feels sick for a world and a Nation that puts money and power as its God. Why can't we all live in peace? Why, throughout history must one race of people believe that they are better than anyone else?
Why must we force the world to do what we wish?

Aren't we all God's children?

I'm sorry about all the political posts. I'd much rather post something lighthearted and funny. As it is, so much is happening in the world today that you can't really be passive anymore. I guess you could never be passive. If you are, you are helping the powers that be. As you sleep, your liberties and the liberties of others are being threatened. You can't turn a blind eye. It's against human nature to stand by when you see injustice. Not only that, I believe that America is more responsible for her actions because we have been doubly blessed.
We the people should never think that our voices don't matter. They do.
Your voice matters.

We must go back to the constitution! We must do as the founding fathers of our country did. Liberty---your right to choose is the most important commodity you hold. Without it, everything else doesn't matter.

This video is about Israel, the media, and a bunch of other things I wasn't fully aware of. It's quite long. But very worth it. You can come back and watch it when you have time.


This below video is long, and very informative. If you don't have time to watch it now, save it for future viewing. It now appears that lemonade stands are now illegal in America. How twisted is that?


The video below is powerful, short, quick, and to the point. But be warned, there are graphic images---mostly for the first half. I wouldn't share it unless I thought it was important. IF you don't wish to see the images, just listen to the video.


The below video is something every mom and dad should watch. Your rights as a parent are being taken away!!! You can now have your kid taken away if he doesn't want to go to church, and you make him go against his will.


I'll post more later. As of today I have again found myself the victim of another terrible flu bug. How did I get so lucky? I have no idea.

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