Thursday, October 15, 2009

Feeling like a Zucchini

Dear blog,

I'm feeling like a zucchini today. Weird. Yeah, I know. The phrase, "Going Green" now has new meaning.

Some say that they may feel like a potato, squash, pumpkin, or raisin. But because I'm so unique, I'm feeling like zucchini.

What does a zucchini feel like? Well that's a very good question. First, a zucchini feels like a long, green, spindly thing. They are cool, and they make awesome bread.

Not that I'm really that cool. But everything I'm doing seems like it's taking a loooong time.

Since I'm feeling like a cucumber---no a zucchini how about I give some Zucchini advice. *Anybody feeling like they've been transported into Veggie tales?*

~Zucchini Writer Advice~

1. Enjoy the moment.
2. Laugh a lot.
3. Listen to conversations and record them in your mind.
4. Absorb the beauty of life, then write about it.
5. Take time off.
6. Love your writing like a jogger likes exercise. Joggers don't just jog because it helps them loose weight---it helps them keep balance.
7. Be persistent, and patient.
8. Listen to good music.
9. Set writing goals.
10. Look for the good in your life, your writing, and those around you.
11. Chew gum---it helps thoughts flow more freely.
12. When in need of inspiration, sit still and watch the world, the sky, and humanity.
13. Remember that all great writers once started out just as unknown as you.
14. Rejoice when others succeed.
15. Remember if you write, write, write, you can never be wrong.

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