Friday, October 9, 2009

*The Twlight Zone---continued*

I give you one Stephanie Skeem, who noticed a bowl of pears that looked very mushy ripe, so ripe that clouds of fruit flies hovered around it, making it hard for Stephanie to see the fruit.
She surmised that she should rescue the pears from the greedy fruit flies and put an end to their feast days. She carefully chopped up the pears, and put a bag of frozen peaches in the blender, along with some milk. The end result was a wonderful fruity-tootie. It tasted heavenly. Stephanie was very glad she had gone through the effort to salvage the pears from the onslaught of fruit flies.

However, little did she know that the shadowy figure of the Twilight Zone had again been stalking her.

For it wasn't long until Stephanie put a spoonful of the fruitie tootie to her lips that she started rolling a lumpy thing around in her mouth. Perplexed, she spat the lumpy thing out and stared at it. It was rather long, mushy, and white, and it wiggled.

Stephanie let out a scream, feeling the clutches of the Twilight zone squeeze her throat. It was happening again. The Twilight zone had changed her fruity tootie into a fruity-fly Maggot fest.

Until next time....

The Twilight Zone.

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