Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Therein is your peace

Life is funny. One moment you think you've got everything figured out, and the next, it's as if you've been handed a hot potato that you don't know what to do with.

I, as in me, the writer, have had my share of the unspeakable R word. That topped off with other stresses, have been eating away at me, grinding on me, to the point where I'm feeling a little thin, and in need of a pick up.

Big gasp. Cheerful Stephanie has problems too. It's funny to see how people deal with problems. Some talk, some eat, some trumpet their woes before the world. Some just deal with them quietly. Others fight it. Some except it, others try to make sense out of this messed up world, and do the best they can with what they've got. Some thank the Lord for their problems, while others curse him.

Once I had a someone tell me that I could never understand their awful problems, because I never had any, and was all so cheerful all the time.

That's when it hurts. I wish I was so fortunate as be perfectly perfect all the time. But seriously, Stephanie is human. And when I talk in the third person, I mean it. :)

Anywho, I thought, for the record, that I would write some of what I read that helped me feel a little better.

Excerpt from the book, "The power in Thank you---By T.T. Braun

Man is fickle. What he loves one moment, he may hate the next; that which he thinks will bring joy sometimes brings sorrow; his dreams can turn into nightmares, and that which stalks him in the night are the shadows of his own creation---man, the enigma. Life is unpredictable. Men plan, and the world revolves oblivious to men's plans and desires. Change is the only constant, and with it, comes pain and pleasure---life, the crucible. Considering man's world, consider this counsel: "Put your heart into it but don't set your heart upon it."

Set goals; work them; do your best; expect the best; but that's all; your part is done. Having done all you can do, be unconcerned with the results, the outcome. Do not even care what the outcome will be. After all, having done all you could do, there is nothing left you can do. Therein is your peace.


  1. Wow that was neat. So true. You think you know someone but the next day they are someone else!
    I'm sorry you and your Mom are going through such a rough time. The refining fire may make us into diamonds but that doesn't mean it doesn't hurt real bad while we are being transformed!
    Love ya,

  2. Yeah, very true! It does hurt.
    Thanks so much. xoxoxo

  3. Steph, thanks for sharing. This really hit home for me. Life is very unpredictable. But that's what's makes it fun.


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