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Eggxactly why raw eggs are good for you!

A treasure trove of eggs my niece and I found hiding behind some straw
Where has the summer gone? 

That solemn quiet of the changing seasons is here yet again.

It's weird how I can always feel it, the wheel turning, and me turning with it.

A pleasant breeze gently caresses me through my window. The grass is greener than it has been in a long time, the weeds taller, the trees still, as if waiting.

And I guess they are.

I don't know when this change happens, only that when it does, I feel it.

I wake up in the morning, and just know.

The night's get cooler. And the birds that woke me before are gone. And I wake up, not because of the sound, but because of the lack of it.

The chickens I incubated and raised in the spring are all grown. I've been so excited to see which ones turned out to be hens, and which ones turned out to be roosters. I thought that the fates would be with me, that maybe only one or two would turn out to be a rooster, and the rest would be hens.

But, low, karma has an interesting sense of humor.

I had my sister look in on my brood of grown chicks.

And, gulp.

The horrors.

Every single one of them, are ROOSTERS! Except maybe two are hens. What are the odds?

I tried to deny it. But the truth is becoming more true everyday.

I've started to hear very loud crows, and unschooled, strange cokadoodledoos coming from the pen as they declare their roosterhood to the world.  Oh joy. I do feel lucky. Had I known they had been roosters this whole time, I probably wouldn't have been so keen on cleaning their bottoms, or making sure they ate liver, and took up residence in my bathtub for a season while they were just chicks, and it was still cold outside.

So, if you know of anybody willing to trade a rooster for a hen, I'd be more than happy. Though, I will be somewhat sad to see them go. They are all pretty friendly. But useless. Which is a bad word on a farm. I am determined that their fate should far more lofty than a frying pan.

So, I must confess. My reason for adding more hens to the chicken coop was motivated because I wanted to get more eggs.

I am selfish.

And why would I want more eggs?

Because at the beginning of this year, I learned the amazing health benefits of eating raw eggs, and I thought that having more hens would be a good thing.
Note, because the rest of this post is about my interesting raw egg yolk adventures, I will pause now before I go any further, and make this disclaimer, and say that I am not a doctor, and anything I write health-wise is purely my own imperfect ideas and human thoughts, not meant to treat, or diagnose anyone of you out there in the world.

Only maybe to inform you of things I have learned and found to be useful to me.  
Now back to eggs.
The funny thing is, the first thing people will almost always say on queue every time I bring up eating raw eggs is, salmonella. 
Second red flag.
Everyone thinks eggs will give you a heart attack. That the cholesterol will clog your arteries and you'll die.
Third red flag.
That you'll get fat and blubbery...oh the horrors. 
Maybe you will.
Or not.

I decided to be my own guinea pig and try out the rocky diet to see what horrors awaited me.

Once I learn something new, I usually want to try it out, especially if there's evidence to show that it's beneficial. And because I have no one else to try my experiments on, I am my own test subject.

This works quite well because I know if I die, then that's the worst thing that can happen. No biggie.

I am proud to say that after about six months of eating three egg yolks chocked full of cholesterol, and fatty fats, every day, that I am still alive. My skin is smoother, my completion clearer, my clothes are looser, and my muscles stronger.

I'm still waiting for the heart attack.


So what's the big deal?


What started me on this raw egg yolk kick, believe it or not, was, no, not an internet article---It was watching the movie, Rocky, for the first time.

Thank you Rocky!

It seriously sounds really oober lame.

But as lame as that sounds, that's what started me wondering if raw eggs were healthy to eat or not.

A clever little spider in one of our chicken's nesting boxes.

I've grown up on a farm, and had farm fresh eggs available for as long as I can remember.

But eggnog was a closed subject for me.

Every time my mom suggested it for breakfast, I ardently protested. Disgusting.



I once downed an egg white cottage cheese loogy, and that was the end of my raw egg shakes.

I never drank eggnogs again.

Nope. Never.

I'm kind of weird that way. Once I do something I do it. Once I don't do it. I don't.

I was not going to eat raw eggs here or there, I did not like them anywhere!

And I was never going to drink eggnog if I could help it.

Nope.'s funny, though, how sometimes, never, and nope, and dislike changes into yes, yum, and more please.

Now I like raw eggs here and there, now I like eggnogs everywhere, in the kitchen, on the go, eggnogs give me lots of energy, and...I like snow. (lame rhyming strikes again) 

Yes. I know. I'm sounding lamer, and lamer.

But just stay with me, the story as the story deepens---sort of.

Home grown eggs are so pretty!

So, like I said, I hated eggnog. Loathed the thought of it. *shivers*

Then after I watched the body builder Rocky guzzle those eggs, I began to wonder....

I did numerous internet searches, trying to find out if raw eggs were good for you, and if so why? There were so many conflicting ideas about the matter.

Some said, eggs, heck no.

Some said, eggs, YES!

But all I really wanted to know was why. I like WHY. If I have a good enough why, then I can have a good enough reason to Try, regardless of differing opinions. That's why, whys work so well to get me started in a direction.

The more information I gleaned from the articles, the more befuddled I became.

The more I wanted to learn, the more information I found, until I could not deny the evidence of many people---bloggers, internet foodies, and so forth all claiming that raw eggs were amazing for your body.

Eggs contain tons of lecithin,

They're great for your eyesight, skin, hair, nails, liver, muscles, memory.

Egg yolks are highly digestible. The lecithin in the eggs help to emulsify fats, and clean out your arteries. They are super cleansers, healers. They get rid of the bad cholesterol and up your good cholesterol. They are great for your hair.

Pretty much the elixir of youth in my opinion.

A notable thing that I noticed right off while drinking my egg shakes was my skin being more supple, soft, and firm.

I honestly think they are better than beauty cream I could buy. 

There's a lot of contradicting information out about consuming the raw egg white.

Some people say that consuming raw egg whites inhibit a certain mineral from absorbing in your body. I can't remember what mineral, but an important one, I'm sure.

However if you eat the egg whites cooked, it neutralizes the inhibitor, and you're fine. (Don't quote me on this, go do your own research and see what works for you)

I think it's important when starting any new thing to listen to your own body.

For me, raw egg whites make me run to the bathroom.

So I eat just the yolk, and save the whites in a jar, to make angel food cake, or freeze them for later use.

At first when I started eating raw egg yolks I went overboard and took like four or more egg yolks in a shake. This made me feel really bloated, and well nauseated, and tired.

I went back to reading more information on the web and found out that raw egg yolks are very cleansing to the liver, and gallbladder and can make you sleepy. So you're supposed to start out slowly, one egg yolk a day or so. Also drinking fresh lime juice will also help loosen gallstones if you have any. I personally like to squeeze a fresh lime in the morning and drink that, and then a little while later, take my eggnog. Also taking turmeric is great for cleansing, and a host of other health issues.

After experimenting on what works for me, I took less eggs. But they still made me pretty sleepy. I've read that the reason for this is because they make your body clean out so much, it makes your body pretty tired. So taking a nap right afterward is recommended.

Also, there's the red flag people raise about salmonella.

I agree, that is a legitimate concern. But from what I've gleaned over the internet, it sounds like eating raw eggs from the store is more of a threat. A lot of chicken farms don't let their chickens have access to sunlight, and they have overcrowded pens.

A good recommendation if you're going to eat raw egg yolks is to get your egg from local farmers, from free range chickens that have access to sunlight, and healthy living conditions.  I'll post more links below to different articles that have better explanatory powers than I do about this subject. 

Also do not wash your eggs. Eggs naturally have a protective covering over them, when you wash them it makes them more susceptible to germs. 

What number of egg yolks to eat a day? I don't know. You are your own judge of that.

Three egg yolks a day for me seems to be the right number. And that's what I've done.

I started the egg yolk Rocky breakfast probably about in May of this year, and my sister began noticing the cosmetic benefits in me, so she started taking egg yolks herself.

Then my mom began drinking the shakes as well.

Then, miracle of miracles, by brother who detests eggs in any shape or form, is doing the egg yolk shake too.

My aunt got interested, and I think she's doing it to.

My sister up north started doing it.

So now, I guess I can say I, or more accurately Rocky started a huge egg yolk movement. If there's an egg shortage in the world, its probably because of my family.

:) Smiles. I think it's pretty neat actually. With a lot of health things I do, I don't really notice the benefits. But with raw eggs, I do. So I think I'll keep it up. For so many years I've been looking for something to help me with my skin, and now that I know what I know I wish I had been drinking eggnogs my whole life. I find it funny that the whole world tries to market this complicated serum, this expensive anti aging cream, this lotion, this acne cream that you have to buy your whole life, yet... all along the answer was in my chicken coop.


The answer was something inexpensive, very basic.

It makes sense when you think of it. An egg yolk is full of stuff to create a life, bones, feathers, a body, and chock full of minerals.

That's got to be healthy, right?


Three things I know help my skin, raw egg yolks, fermented cod liver oil, and turmeric.

Since my sister's been drinking egg yolk shakes in the morning, she's lost about 15-20lbs, and believe me, she wasn't really overweight. You know just the extra winter blubber that's hard to work off.

My mom's lost some weight. And she's complained for years that no matter what she does she hasn't been able to drop any pounds.

And I would say that I have to, my favorite pair of jeans look pretty baggy on me. I've  stopped weighing myself on the scale a long time ago. I think a better measurement is if I feel good, and I feel comfortable.

We all exercise, and have been off of gmo corn, corn syrup, and cutting out a lot of other nasty things like hydrogenated oils, fake sweeteners, and most junk food for a long time, so maybe that has something to do with it. Who knows. Maybe it's a fluke. Maybe it has nothing to do with the eggs at all.

I couldn't scientifically prove anything.

Only that it seems to be working for us. My muscles feel stronger, and my eyes seem to see clearer.

Who knows, maybe we'll suddenly drop over from a heart attack.

It seems so simple. Too easy.

Maybe too simple. But more often than not, the simple things in life are sometimes the answers we've been looking for, but haven't been able to find because we've been looking at the complicated, expensive, out of reach things we can never obtain.

Anywho, I'll let you mull this over, and decide for yourself. Think what you may. I did.

If you're intrigued, below are several articles regarding drinking raw eggs that I found useful and interesting.

Note, that if you decide to drink egg yolks, they do make you very sleepy, and clean out your liver, and if you've had liver problems, I'd recommend that do so some research prior to this diet to make sure that you are fully informed on the pros and cons of drinking egg yolks. Also their is a possibility that they could throw you into a gallbladder cleanse. So be warned, and be aware before you start eating them in large quantities.

I've compiled several links that I thought would be useful if you're interested in learning more. 
If you're biased against eggs, then I suggest you do a google search for reasons why eggs are bad, and you will find plenty. You are, after all are the only one who can decide.

I've had a lot of people ask me how I drink my egg. And let me tell you right now, how you make your own shake is personal. 

Super complicated recipe (snark snark)
At first this is what I did.
I separated the yolks out and mixed them with mixed some milk, vanilla, some honey, cinnamon, and orange juice and blended my eggs up in my blender.
Ta da.

But I got tired of making a shake every morning. Especially when I was in a hurry. So I started cracking the yolks into a cup, mixing  in some milk, cinnamon, and whatever I felt like into it with a beater to get the loogies out, and just bypassed the blender. Some people say it's healthier to mix the egg yolks as little as possible. But I say, do what you can do. Be creative. 
If you can't stand eggs, maybe mix some chocolate into your shake. 
I don't know. Just have fun and enjoy it. It doesn't have to be unpleasant. 

Okay here are some links I found helpful.


Explanation of the role of cholesterol, 

Why men should be eating raw eggs.
Eggs contain a good source of biotin. This place just talks about the health benefits of biotin.

Another biotin egg interesting read

Why eggs are healthy

Liver detox info

Eggs and Choline

Eggs and cholesterol

Lecithin---just something I thought was interesting because eggs have lots of lecithin.

More interesting info on Lecithin

Lecithin and the liver.

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